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RVWRMP Research Studies Published in 2022

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

RVWRMP initiated several substantial research projects during the final year of implementation in 2021-2022. In short, the studies provided insight and in-depth analysis on the impact and transformative change the Project has contributed to.

Here is a list of the six research studies, with links to the main documents:

  1. RVWRMP Cooperation with RMs: Best Practises, experiences and lessons learnt

  2. Gender Equality and Social Inclusion Impact Study

  3. "RVWRMP University": Project as a training and occupation provider

  4. Cost-Benefit Analysis of Water Supply Systems: Multiple Use Water Systems, Private Taps and Public Taps

  5. Income Generation Impact Study

  6. Irrigation Scheme and MUS Business Plan Impact Study

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