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RVWRMP Livelihood Support Culminating in Value Chains

The Rural Village Water Resources Management Project (RVWRMP) livelihoods support gradually developed from household (home gardens for improved nutrition and food security) to community (income generation activities), to regional and national (value chain) level.

Five value chain areas in five Rural Municipalities (RMs) were selected in 2019. The criteria for selection included poverty alleviation, existing potential, possibility of supporting activities as well as geographical and climatic potential. The five value chain areas were: Chiuri (or butternut, in Marma RM, Darchula), Citrus (Chure RM, Kailali), Ginger (Badikedar RM, Doti), Large Cardamom (Naumule RM, Dailekh) and Vegetable (Alital RM, Dadeldhura).

The interventions began by improving production, capacity building and local market linkages. Physical and financial support was provided for processing machines, collection centres, nurseries, storage houses and dryers. Then the focus moved to building regional and national linkages through, for example, collective workshops with cooperatives and traders. Local government support was substantial.

In total, value chain support benefitted 4,890 households: Chiuri 664, Citrus 1,015, Ginger 1,030, Vegetable 1,817 and Large Cardamom 364.

With the conclusion of the Project, RVWRMP developed brochures for each value chain to highlight achievements and lessons learned during the processes. See the list below with links to each brochure:


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