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Musical Campaign for Dignified Menstruation Management

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Menstruation-related discrimination, often called Chhaupadi, is practiced in some way in most of Nepal. Unified effort is required to eradicate these harmful practises.

RVWRMP is a key promoter of Dignified Menstruation Management (DMM) in Sudurpaschim province. In late 2021, Project staff came up with the idea of appointing a local celebrity as DMM Ambassador and conducting an awareness raising campaign. Rekha Joshi, renown Deuda singer, originally from Bajura, was chosen as the Ambassador.

The campaign was divided into two parts, both held in Sudurpaschim. The first part was conducted in February-March 2022 in Alital, Bogatan Phudsil, Chhabis Pathibhera, Pancheswar, Shivanath and Thalara Rural Municipalities. The second part was held in June 2022 in Ramaroshan and Turmakhand RMs. The event was a resounding success, with over 10 000 participants and extensive coverage in TV, radio, newspapers and social media.

The Campaign included thematic songs by the Ambassador, interactive sessions with local schoolgirls as well as menstruation related commitments by high-ranking RM officials. The event was widely praised. Participants highlighted the fact that it brought men, women from different generations together to listen to the messages. In addition, videos from the event and inspired by it have reached over 100 000 views, spreading the impact even further.

The DMM Musical Campaign proved to be an effective tool in the fight against menstruation related taboos. Although the Project is coming to an end, RVWRMP urges regional and national stakeholders to continue working towards DMM and replicating such events.

RVWRMP would like to thank all stakeholders, especially the RMs and Rekha Joshi for their support in creating such a successful event.

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