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Latest WASH Management Board Concept Update

RVWRMP has worked closely with the local government level since the beginning. Currently, the project is working in 27 core Rural Municipalities (RM) and has experience of working in 41 other RMs in Karnali and Sudurpaschim provinces.

RVWRMP has worked together with RMs to create the WASH Management Board concept. The objective is to bring together relevant stakeholders for integrated management of water resources in the municipality. The WASH Board has both mandate and means to plan, implement, supervise, and monitor the sector in a successful manner. Recent additions to the concept include defining the role of the Water User and Sanitation Committee (WUSC) Network.

RVWRMP believes that WASH Boards can play a major role in ensuring sustainable WASH services in the future. Read more about the concept from the full paper and leaflet.


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