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Exploring Water Tariffs in RVWRMP Supported Schemes

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Water tariffs are collected in RVWRMP supported water schemes to cover the Operation and Maintenance, and possible other costs of the scheme. Water tariffs are an important aspect of sustainability as they help ensure continuous maintenance of the scheme for the design period and beyond as well as contributing to (or even covering) larger rehabilitation needs.

RVWRMP explored the situation of water tariffs in the project area in 2021. The survey indicates that water tariffs are collected regularly in schemes where the Village Maintenance Worker is responsible for collection and the community together decides the rate. Established User’s Committees need to be active and ensure continuous tariff collection. The study was completed by Juho Haapala (Rural Monitoring and Reporting Specialist), Bashu Pandey (Technical Specialist) and Erik Salminen (Field Specialist).

The full study with findings (January 2022) is available here.


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