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Seven Key Messages for better livelihoods in Sudurpaschim Pradesh (Far-West Province)

RVWRMP uniquely works through 27 core Rural Municipalities and has projects in many other RMs of Sudurpaschim and Karnali (Districts of Humla and Dailekh).Many years of experience of RVWRMP working hand in hand with the local organizations has informed seven key messages for greater self-reliance.

Key message 1: Start with Joint Analysis and Planning

Water Use Master Plans (WUMP) and Livelihood Implementation Plans (LIP) are the stepping stone for local organizations to lead the preparation and implementation of projects. Joint analysis of the situation, decision making and planning at the local level builds a basis of trust among the people. The plans are aligned to the National Sanitation Master Plan. Disaster risk reduction and climate adaptation measures are built-into the plans.

Key Message 2. Use Practical Step-by-Step Approaches

Use the Step-by-Step approaches as self-help guides for local organizations and community groups to give the people understanding and control over their own projects. The methodology is based on participatory planning, implementation and monitoring of projects. The Step by Step implementation builds capacity and creates a strong sense of ownership of the local organizations. Rural Municipalities are copying the Step-by-Step approach because of the high success level and sustainability of the projects.

Key Message 3. Make Water Key for Development and Climate Resilience

Integrate water management in multi-purpose solutions. Value and preserve the traditions of: terracing, soil management, agro-forestry, and community forest management, hill-irrigation. Recycle domestic waste water in the home garden for year round vegetable production. Use the project developed community friendly water safety “risk assessment check lists”. The check list can be filled by illiterate Village Maintenance Workers (VMW) with reading support from his/her grandchildren.

Key Message 4: Home-grown Cooperatives for the Management of O&M funds

Use local cooperatives for managing operation and maintenance funds for water and energy. This is good for the O&M and empowers micro finance services of the cooperative. Money keeps circulating in the community to stimulate entrepreneurial activity. The cooperative is also the interface for contract-farming arrangements as well as training activities in value chain development and agro-vet services

Key Message 5. Invest in Diversified Home-Gardens

Diversified home-gardens (vegetables, spices, fruits, fodder) have an incredible impact in nutrition and food security situation of families in remote areas. High productive organic home-gardens use recycled domestic water and household waste, and bio-pesticides. The vegetables are highly appreciated in the changing diet. Excess production is sold on local markets. Home-garden groups learn through a system of Local Resource Persons and Farmer-to-Farmer extension. Additionally, upcoming agro-entrepreneurship around potential high value crops like off-season vegetables, ginger, and cardamom and forest products is supported by the Project.

Key Message 6. Build Drinking Troughs for Cattle

Women manage water within the household. Women also have to carry water for animals. Animal drinking troughs reduce the women’s drudgery. These troughs should be located close to source, reservoir or public tap stand to capture-overflow and water spills from the tap.

Key Message 7. From Open Defecation Free to Total Sanitation

Total sanitation is about the dignity of the family, community and environment. Washing platforms and elevated cement drying racks are popular additions to the water supply schemes. Out of respect for women and girls the RVWRMP works closely with Provincial Authorities, the RMs and women on awareness and action in relation to the Chhaupadi practice.

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