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Remarkable Cooperation and Coordination: Case Thatikandh RM

Updated: May 18, 2021

The cooperation in Thatikandh RM (Dailekh District) is going to be phased out after completion of ongoing schemes. The Thatikandh water supply scheme is designed for an improved service level, i.e., household yard connections. The scheme is planned to be completed this year. The scheme will cover more than 267 households from the bazaar area to the RM headquarters. The area is regarded as water scarce, and people used to transport water from far below the community. They used to spend up to NRs. 250 for water.

This scheme is a model in terms of RM contribution. Of the total estimated cost of 24.3 million rupees, the users are contributing 6.532 million Rupees (26.8 %), while the RM is contributing 11.8 million rupees (48.45 %) in cash. The project contributed 6.021 million rupees (24.75 %), only. This shows the RM commitment in addressing the access to safe water at the doorstep of the citizens. The water comes from the reservoir site, and 11 km of transmission pipeline has been completed to reach the needy. All the RM representatives, including the RM chairperson and staffs, voluntarily contributed to carrying pipes for the transmission pipeline.

The application of the yard connection has been consistently increasing due to the increased availability of water at the bazaar area. At first, people did not believe that the scheme will be really completed, and water available at their bazaar.

The Team Leader, Mr. Michiel Verweij was welcomed at the RM office by RM chair, ward chairs and RM officials including user committee and public at the reservoir site. The TL and team observed the ongoing activities at the reservoir site. They completed the observation of 7 reservoirs with total 92 cubic meters; distribution chambers; and service connection chambers for private tap outlets. During the observation, the TL also met local users and interacted with them.

Private tap outlets and cluster of reservoirs.

During an interactive meeting with RM representatives including RM chair/officials and members of user committee, the RM chair consistently requested for continued project support for water supplies because the RM lacks technical human resources, skills, and because the RM would support, contribute, and fulfil all their obligations for the project.

RM chairperson Mr. Dhir Bahadur Shahi, voluntarily transporting pipe of the Thatikandh water supply scheme to laying area.

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