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Finnish Project Association's Project of the Year 2016

Home Office Coordinator Pamela White (on the left) accepting the award on behalf of the project 

Rural Village Water Resources Management Project has been recognized as the Project of the Year 2016 by the Finnish Project Association. The annual Project of the Year- competition rewards the most successful and meaningful projects of the year. The recognition came for the second phase of the project, which operated during years 2010-2016.


- "The Jury of the competition regarded the project in Nepal as very successful, especially when taking in count the difficult circumstances. There were no electricity or telephone connections. The cultural differences were challenging and the amount of stakeholders was huge. Still, the project exceeded by far the initial targets", says Project Management Association website.


- "We are very grateful to the Project Management Association for giving us this recognition and we are proud of the project results achieved under difficult conditions. However, our work continues in Nepal in the form of the third phase of the project and our ambitious target is that all ​​1.7 million inhabitants in the area will have toilets. This we should be able to achieve as early as a year before the target time. By the end of the Project, the target is that all inhabitants will have drinking water and electricity. The greatest appreciations we get from the beneficiaries, whose life the project has concretely affected, "says the Chief Technical Advisor Kari Leppänen.

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